Selling a Damaged Car in the USA

Great news for readers from The Sates. Sell The Car have now been operating their award winning service for a while. Based in Florida Sell The Car, has now built up a network across America to buy old, damaged cars from anyone who wants to get rid of one easily

Visit if you want to sell an old car. The service is very simple and easier than any other option:

  1. Get a free valuation online which is also your estimate 
  2. If you accept the estimate agree on collection or drop off of the car
  3. Drop it off or have it collected
  4. Get the cash paid immediately to you, often as an instant bank transfer
  5. Then enjoy your free time whilst others waste months dealing with timewasters and low ballers.
It is a great service as they actually prefer broken cars. They can then repair them to sell on or recycle the parts. Give it a try if you need to sell a car or other vehicle in any condition!

Damaged Car Buyers in the UK

Selling a damaged car is tricky. This is because private sales are unattractive to buyers. Generally you will only get low-ball offers from dealers looking to make a quick buck on the car. Selling the car to a scrap dealer or merchant will only give you a few quid for re-usable parts.

The best way to get rid of a damaged car which isn't a complete write-off is to use a damaged car buyer online like Sell The Car. They are specialist damaged car buyers. Instead of buying and selling used cars which are in good condition; they look for broken and non running vehicles which aren't ready for the scrap yard yet.

damaged car buyers
Sell The Car is an online damaged car buyer

There are other damaged car buyers in the UK, but none are as well respected and as well established as Sell The Car. They have access to a nationwide network of car buyers. This means that they will make you an offer anywhere in the UK. Then they send out a buyer to collect the car from your address and pay you through a bank transfer.

It is easy, quick and hassle free. They help with all the official paperwork and online reviews are universally good- praising the friendliness of the representatives. Sell The Car is probably the UK's number 1 damaged and broken car buyer. They want Category C and Category D cars. This means vehicles which are usually non running, but repairable. Or luxury brands which can be recycled.

Visit for a free quote. They have a simple online car valuation calculator and generally the price you initially see is the price you pay.

How I bought a car in the North West recently

I'm one of those people who spend far too long researching future purchases. It was no different last month when I wanted to replace my old BMW.

I have had a fascination with Subaru Impreza's ever since I played Colin Mcrae Rally many years ago on the Playstation. I've always assumed they would be too much to insure, especially as I haven't built up a no claims bonus. But I decided to check it out.

Firstly I started at Auto Trader to check for any in the area. There were only one or two within 10 miles that didn't look abused or garish. I found one farther afield in Blackpool but that is a hours drive away.

So next I used the insurance comparison sites to check for quotes. I used a few sites and after about 4 tries I found a very reasonable quote (just under £500 a year). That was about £200 more than I was currently paying but it was worth it in my mind.

I visited the best local Impreza which was being sold privately. I got a dodgy feeling straight away but the sound of the exhaust had me hooked. I got to test drive it and it was awesome. When the turbo kicks in it is like "whoosh" lol. Big fun! Anyway it was blue with gold alloys and they guy looked like a bit of a boy racer so I said the classic line "I'll have a think about it" which obviously means you'll not be hearing from me again lol.

I took the beamer to Blackpool to see the better (silver) Impreza at Karl Smith Car Sales. It cost a bit more than I originally wanted to spend and they wouldn't budge on the price much. What convinced me though was the mileage (45k) and the condition was great. They offered me a pretty decent part exchange on the beamer and it then took me about a minute to say yes.

In hindsight maybe I could of haggled a bit more but I was just too excited to get my own Scooby. We sorted out the paperwork and cash and then I was on my way. I've been out every night since down the country lanes enjoying the speed and the grip. Thinking back my old beamer was like a bus compared to teh Impreza.

Anyway I just wanted to share this as I learned that it is really worth shopping around for an insurance quote. They varied massively as Imprezas do get a bad reputation. Plus it was well worth travelling farther to buy a good one. I don't usually buy from dealers as I always think you'll get a better deal with a private sale, but this time it has worked out great so far. 

Car Valuation Calculator

Using an online car valuation calculator is a great way to get an ideal of how much your car is worth. Be aware that many of these valuation tools are just there to give you an estimate. In some cases they are set high on purpose, so that you are more inclined to use a car buying service.

How does a car valuation calculator work?

A massive database is used to compare different parameters. Think of it as an instant access Parkers price guide book. Most calculators will also include registration numbers so that you don't have to enter your vehicle's basic details. You just enter your reg number and then the make, model and style will be found by the database.

What are the problems of using a car valuation calculator?

The main problem is that the value it spits out doesn't take into consideration things like wear and tear. This can make quotes wildly inaccurate for damaged vehicles. Some newer calculators have an extra option for whether the car is a good runner or not, which will help get a more accurate final figure.

 As mentioned above, some websites use these valuation tools to draw you in to using their service. So if they are buying used cars then they may show you a much higher figure than they are realistically going to pay. Just keep this in mind so you don't built up unrealistic expectations.

Should I use these online pricing tools?

Absolutely, yes. Online car valuation calculators are here to make life easier. They can help facilitate a quick sale and save you shopping around or buying a pricing guide book. As always when using a service online which you haven't tried before, be careful. Look out for anything which lights alarm bells in your mind. You could try typing the name of the website and "review" into Google to check for consumer feedback.

 If you do this then you are likely to find a great service who will buy your old car. The price is unlikely to be as good as a private sale. But you will probably get a fast sale with minimum hassle.

BMW Used Cars Sell For High Prices

With few exceptions, most BMW models are top class vehicles. They elicit coveting glares from jealous bystanders (who are actually driving, but are left to feel as though they are standing still in a BMW’s wake). Most cars depreciate in value significantly when they go onto the used car lot, and BMWs also decrease in price. The harsh reality, however, is that BMW used cars sell for high prices nonetheless.

This is because they are luxurious automobiles. Many people want to own one but cannot afford the dream, especially if they are looking at prices for the brand new 5 or 7 series. Some cost more than a brand new VW even after a few years (another fine brand), so you can imagine what they cost brand new.

The interiors are classy. Their shape is always sleek, classy and speedy looking. BMW even makes their SUVs look like rally cars (relative to the average SUV that is) while still fitting a small village of children inside, car seats, lacrosse gear and all. No wonder James Bond has been so willing to drive one in front of the camera in the past.

Moreover, BMW is one of those makes which, if your model lasts (which it probably will) can fetch fantastic prices at auction in the future. Just hold onto your BMW until it is, say, 30 years old, and you have got an investment for your retirement. Even a mortgage takes that long to pay off. Sell the BMW and your house together as a package, your car parked in the garage with a ribbon on the door. They could make you marginally wealthy if not stinking rich. Consumers must look after their BMWs for this to work, but no one buys a BMW just to trash it (unless they have millions already, in which case, who cares about the price?)

‘Top Gear,’ that long running UK car review show, has a lot of informative things to say about BMW. Read their reviews so you know which makes to invest in. They say great things about most models, while advising that the X3 SUV ‘rides like a pogo stick on a cattle grid.’ If you do not know what a pogo stick is, you are too young to buy a BMW. Suffice it to say, this is not a good thing. Otherwise, BMW walks the line between style and performance without needing a net.

Need To Sell Your Used Car?

Selling a used or damaged car
 is not as hard as you may think it to be. You have several options that are available to you if you are looking to sell your car. If you have got a lot of time on your hands then you can do the deed yourself, otherwise you can appoint a dealer to do the task for you. Of course if you want to make more money in selling your used car then you should do it yourself and not appoint a dealer because the dealer would charge commission. However, if you want to get rid of the car quickly then getting a dealer would be the ideal solution.

To sell your car, you need to ensure that it is in good working condition and that it looks appealing otherwise nobody would want to buy it. You need to ensure that your car is extremely clean. Also, you can check for minor defects and repair them if any. This is so because a clean and flawless car would be able to fetch a higher price in comparison to a car in bad and dirty condition.

Secondly, in order to avoid getting a rate lower than you deserve, you need to have your car examined by a qualified mechanic. The mechanic would be able to determine the price of the car in its present condition. Besides when you put up a “Buy my car” advertisement most people would try to pay a lesser price for the car. Therefore it is best to have a realistic idea of the approximate price your used car is going to fetch you so that you don’t get tricked by the buyers.

If you are selling a car then it is obvious that you need to let people know about your intentions. You can place an ad in the local newspaper, pass the word to your friends, go online and advertise it in a forum or even use shopping sites like eBay. One thing that is inevitable when it comes to selling a used car is that the prospective buyers are going to enquire about the documents of title to the car. Therefore you need to check with your local DMV and find out about the paperwork that is necessary in your state or city. As far as payment is concerned, it is advisable to take an upfront payment. Don’t ever settle for part payments because you never know when the customer would let you down.

Some pointers to help you get rid of a used or damaged car

If you want to sell your car and are looking for useful tips that will help you get the best price for your used auto, you have come to just the right place. The first thing that you need to do when you want to sell a car is decide upon the best platform for selling a used car. Thus, you need to decide whether you want to list you car on an auction site, advertise about it in a newspaper or directly contact a dealership that buys used cars. In addition to that, you need to determine the ideal buyer for your car and develop an understanding of the market, so that you can settle on a fair asking price.

You can check the classifieds posted online as well as in the newspaper to get a better idea of the market and to know the price other sellers are asking for your type of car. The key to selling your car quickly is pricing it competitively and preparing it for the sale by washing and detailing it. The more curb appeal your car has, the higher are its chances of selling quickly. Get a mechanic to check your car and draft a concise report about its condition. You can show this report as well as other maintenance records to prospective buyers to boost the chances of sale.

It would be wise to ask for a little more for your car than you are willing to accept to allow for some bargaining by the buyer. Additionally, you should ask for a round figure for your vehicle, so that you do not come across as a shrewd car dealer to prospective buyers. You can get good offers from multiple parties interested in buying your car if you place an eye-catching ‘buy my car’ advertisement in the local paper. You can also put a ‘for sale’ sign in the window of your car and put flyers about it in bulletin boards at your office, nearby supermarkets, and college campuses.

Be ready to negotiate while selling a used car, as most buyers like to bargain at the time of buying a second-hand car. However, you should not be too eager to lower your price unless the other party seems genuinely interested in buying your car and is ready to make an offer. Finally, acquaint yourself with the rules governing the sale of a used car in your state by browsing through the website of DMV in your state and insist on accepting cash or a cashier’s check from the buyer to seal the deal.